The Impromptu Cabaret Festival operates as an artists’ collective without any formal structure. Expenses are paid for entirely by ticket sales, and all artists (performers, accompanists, producers, directors) agree to share profits. The whole thing is truly impromptu - put together on a shoestring and pulled off each year through the generosity of the artists involved who contribute their time and talent in order to share a few special stories and songs with friends, family, and a growing base of local fans.

In the eye of this storm are the founders of the collective: Chris Adams (Co-Producer), Jenny Andersen (Co-Producer), and Peter Jorgensen (Artistic Director). These three multi-faceted theatre artists provide just enough glue to hold the whole endeavour together - but they are not the collective. The collective includes all the artists on and off-stage that make this event a reality each year.

If you’d like to be a part of the collective and put a cabaret into the festival we’d love to hear from you. We have no formal submission process. We reach out to artists we know and love each year. And some artists reach out to us. So if you’re keen, drop us a friendly note to say so.
Each year we do our best to balance the collective with artists of varied backgrounds and experience. We aspire to share diverse stories and songs through the unique perspectives of our fellow artists. To that end, we can’t guarantee a spot to every artist who expresses interest every year. But we hope, with the continued support of Metro-Vancouver’s community of artists that this festival continues for years to come so that more and more local artists can join our Impromptu family.  If interested, head over to our Contact Us page and drop us a line today.

Additional Team Members

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