The IMPROMPTU Cabaret Festival 

Have you ever spent a night out at the Theatre in 
Vancouver, looked at the playbill and thought to yourself, “Who are these people, really?” The Impromptu Cabaret Festival is your chance to find out!

Impromptu Cabaret Festival is made up of the same faces that grace Vancouver's stages as carefully rehearsed characters but - this time... they’re telling their OWN stories.

Join one, two or all of these talented artists as they take you on a journey through the Challenges and Triumphs they've faced as members of the Vancouver performing community - set to a soundtrack of their 
favourite songs.
Performers are scheduled back to back each night, so you can get to know as many artists as you like!

Take an unfiltered and "Impromptu" backstage tour through the minds of your 
 local performers and experience the stories that have built their “character”.